Our journey in working with individuals with additional needs began with Jack, who became our first client. This experience proved to be the perfect starting point for us to gain confidence and expand our outreach to those with more complex needs. Jack is a well-known figure in his local community, with a passion for gymnastics, performing arts, and modelling.

Despite having Down syndrome, Jack maintains an active and adventurous lifestyle, always eager to try new things and seize any opportunity to be in front of the camera. We had the pleasure of meeting Jack through Zebedee, an inclusive talent agency that represents him. It was at an award ceremony that we sponsored where we first had the chance to meet Jack.

It was clear to us that Jack's close bond with his sister had sparked an interest in paddleboarding, and we were eager to support him in developing his skills and safety awareness in this sport.

During Jack's first lesson, he was under the guidance of my husband Vince, who shares Jack's passion for safety. Vince was eager to support Jack and build his safety awareness, and Jack's attentiveness and safety-conscious nature made the lesson a success.

With Vince's expertise, Jack received valuable tips and technique advice to help improve his stability when standing up. The key message that stuck with Jack was to keep his eyes on the horizon, which he still remembers to this day and repeats every time we see him.

Over time, Jack has spent more time on the sea and other waterways, building his experience and confidence with his sister. We have continued to support Jack in his progress with consistent advice on safety and technique. Despite his nerves and fear of falling in, we are proud of Jack's commitment and dedication, as he has made significant physical progress. We will continue to work with Jack to overcome his fear, but we are thrilled with the progress he has made so far.

A word from Jack’s sister Hannah:

“Toni & Vince have been an important factor in Jack's life for a few years now. he really values their knowledge, the time they spend with him and the fun they create. His confidence on the water improves no end when he has lessons after a long break. Even when he is not having a dedicated lesson, the aura that is created by Toni & Vince being on the water or the shore, inspires Jack to really push himself and get going.”

“The sport is an incredible opportunity for Jack to experience freedom like no other, being fully in control of the board, the speed, direction and whether he stands or sits is great for his freedom to make decisions and be confident in those decisions. Since being a part of EBB & FLO. Jack has gained invaluable knowledge about water safety, particularly in open water from Toni & Vince.”

“Hazard perception and understanding danger is something Jack. and many people with special educational needs (SEN). find difficult. Jack has had a multitude of 1-1 sessions with these guys and has learnt so much about checking the conditions. where to get on his board. what to avoid water breakers and how tar out to go. ionI & Vince are both able to convey this vital information in a way that Jack understands and retains. so that when Jack goes paddle boarding by himself, be it at the beach, rivers or even the lake district, he knows the key checks to do before going.”

“I personally believe that Toni & Vince are able to adapt are able to tailor their use of language to the individual to ensure people of all abilities can understand safety on the water. They also repeat this at every session and throughout the session as they know how important repetition is to help people retain information.”

“Jack has learnt so much from Toni & Vince that he can often be heard relaying his knowledge to fellow boarders when out on the water: "look at the horizon" and "get your paddle in the water straight away”, can often he heard coming from Jack as he encourages others.”

“What Toni & Vince have achieved, and continue to do for the local community is invaluable and it would be great to see others like Jack, experience what he has as a result of the coaching, support and friendship that has developed over the past few years.”

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