Below you will find a list of our most frequently asked questions. Please support us by utilising this information before contacting us with your request as a lot of answers can be found here. This will help us save time and allow us focus our time and resources on fulfilling our objectives, whilst developing and growing our CIC.

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What is a CIC?

As a CIC, EBB & FLO COLLECTIVE operates as a social enterprise with the primary purpose of benefiting the community rather than generating profit for private individuals or shareholders. This legal structure allows the company to access funding and resources that are reserved for not-for-profit organisations, while also retaining the flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit of a traditional business. The profits generated by a CIC can only be distributed to the company's shareholders to a limited extent, and the majority must be reinvested back into the company to support its social and environmental objectives.

How can i book?

If you would like to book a SUP experience for yourself, someone you know, or someone you care for, please use our contact form to get in touch and one of our team will be happy to support.

What does SUP mean?

SUP = Stand Up Paddle-Boarding.

Is there wheelchair access to Cleethorpes Beach?

Yes there is a ramp opposite the ferris wheel near our address.

Is there wheelchair access to Alexandra Dock?

Yes, there is a slipway right into the water.

Do you have a beach wheelchair?

Currently we do not have beach wheelchairs but we will be applying for grant funding to invest in this equipment.